Le Salon des Manufactures
The Salon des Manufactures


Outside, the elegance of an 18th century building in the heart of old Paris. A few steps away, the Garden of the Royal Palace with its magnificent galleries. Inside, on the second floor, the Salon des Manufactures, a highly confidential space.

Le salon des Manufactures
Le Salon des Manufactures (crédit  Wineted)


Thick carpeting, large drapes on the windows, generous tables and comfortable seats: the atmosphere is cosy and above all so welcoming. We are a little out of time, in a calm and relaxing setting.

Le Salon des Manufactures


Elegance is best achieved with a smile. There is humor in the exuberant floral patterns of the carpet and curtains. There’s a wink in the display of old copper cake pans from Alain Ducasse’s personal collection. Smiles that make you feel good.

Le Salon des Manufactures

In the press

The architect Marie Deroudilhe has just delivered the Salon des Manufactures Alain Ducasse, a stone’s throw from the Palais Royal. Designed with the complicity of the Michelin-starred chef, this new space, located just above his chocolate factory, takes up the codes of an 18th century private mansion, with its faux-stone patina, Saint Louis chandeliers, and hand-sewn, pleated wild silk lampshades. Under the air of a winter garden, this restaurant-tea room offers a hushed atmosphere with its banana leaf carpet designed by Madeleine Castaing and its curtains with floral motifs.

Marina Hemonet
AD Magazine, March 1, 2022

Le Salon des Manufactures

Address reserved for privatisation

Due to the high demand for privatisations, the Salon des Manufactures is now dedicated to a privatisation offer.