Gelato and the cook

Gelato and the cook

It takes quite a bit of audacity to imagine recipes that combine salty foods and gelato. Alain Ducasse does not lack audacity and he also knows very well who to entrust with this kind of challenge. In this case, Alessandro Lucassino who has been working in the House for almost ten years.

Courgette à la flamme Le Salon des Manufactures

This is how the menu for the Salon des Manufactures was born. At the moment, cucumber meets fresh herb sorbet and zucchini meets mint sorbet. Even more unexpected, bonito is combined with an almond granita and sea bream with a green apple, basil and lime sorbet.

The challenge was met: to create a kitchen inspired by the products of the Manufacture de Glace at the Salon des Manufactures. That is, to offer curious gourmets a completely different vision of gelato and sorbet. The result is refined, the flavors are balanced and complex, the taste pleasure at its best. A true chef’s approach to gelato.

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Address reserved for privatisation

Due to the high demand for privatisations, the Salon des Manufactures is now dedicated to a privatisation offer.